Battlefield 3: Aftermath Preview – Can an Earthquake Manage to Shake Things Up?

on October 18, 2012 7:34 PM

There’s an odd balance involved with keeping people interested in multiplayer FPSes. The genre often gets described as complacent, pumping out the same stuff in hopes of raking in the money from people who want more of the same. I’ve made jokes at the expense of FPS players as well, I’m not about to pretend otherwise. That said, the developers and designers behind Battlefield have been making strides toward providing more variety in a genre where deviation is an unnecessary (and often unsuccessful) gamble.

With Battlefield 3: Aftermath, we’re set in the shattered remains of Iran, crumbled to ruins in the wake of a massive earthquake. A solely multiplayer based expansion, the $14.99 add-on features four new maps, including the Epicenter and Markaz Monolith. More importantly, it includes a new intriguing multiplayer mode called “Scavenger”. In Scavenger mode, players will start out with only a pistol and will have to search the environment for better guns and additional ammo. The mode adds to the idea of your soldier being lost after a major disaster hits, and gives an extra level of strategy to the gameplay rather than just picking your loadout at the start.

What would an expansion be without new armaments? Aftermath introduces the crossbow, a silent option on the otherwise raucous battleground. I use the sound of fire to kind of get an idea of my surroundings, so I was easy pickins for the experienced players trying out the new gun. The crossbow can fire four different types of bolts: standard, sniper, detection, and explosive.

Rounding up the new features, Aftermath brings ten new assignments, ten new dog tags, and five new achievements/trophies. Whether you just want new maps, or want to try the new mode, DICE and EA bring enough to the table to tide fans over until End Game hits in March 2013. Check below for a gallery and for the first trailer. Battlefield 3: Aftermath releases November 27th for premium PS3 players, while Xbox and PC premium members will have to wait until December 4th.  Non-premium players will get the PS3 version on the 11th, while Xbox and 360 will have to wait until the 18th.

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