Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: The War of The Launch Trailers

In a rather funny joke of destiny, Electronic Arts and Activision released two launch trailers of Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Battlefield‘s was actually the Launch TV commercial) yesterday exactly at the same time, exactly 24 hours ago.

The two trailers are very different, with Activision focusing on story cutscenes, and Electronic Arts mixing live action and gameplay that you’ll have to really squint to distinguish. You can see them both embedded past the cut.

What made the two companies go head to head once more in one of the most heated rivalries this year is unknown. Unlikely but possible coincidence? Or maybe someone at one publisher tattled too much and the other decided to take the competitor head on (a launch trailer for Modern Warfare 3 more than two weeks before the launch is indeed a little suspicious)? We’ll probably never know the truth, but the fact that the two trailers were published exactly at the same time gives us a very interesting study case on how the fans (and haters) of the two franchises received them.  

In a period of 24 hours (up to the moment of this writing) the Modern Wafare 3 trailer was viewed 642,793 times, while the Battlefield 3 one has enticed 352,907 gamers. Modern Warfare 3 received 1,537 comments, against the 5,884 comments of Battlefield 3.

Positive and negative reception shows an interesting trend. Modern Warfare 3 received 13,426 likes and a whopping 8,612 dislikes, while the Battlefield 3 trailer was liked 10,245 times and disliked only 322 times.

This means that the trailer of Modern Warfare 3 was the most viewed and most liked between the two, but also by far the one that received the most dislikes. On the other hand the Battlefield 3 trailer was, by a long shot, the most discussed.

Determining who “won” this direct battle of trailers isn’t easy, as it could be interpreted in several ways. One could easily say that Modern Warfare 3 won due to the higher number of overall views and likes, but some can easily argue that Battlefield 3 was the victor because of the generally positive reception with a very low number of dislikes, or because of the much higher number of comments (as any web master will tell you, getting people to see your content on the web is easy, getting them to actually leave a comment is much, much harder). What I personally can say is that even just watching the number of views and likes, shows that the battle is much closer than one would expect, considering that Modern Warfare 3 has been in the lead for years. For the first time in a long time the “King” faces a valid, strong contender to the throne.

What about you? Who do you think won this clash of trailers?

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