Battlefield 3's Dogtags and You, Up Close & Personal

If you’ve been following all the coverage of Battlefield 3 thus far (and I do believe you have), you might have noticed dogtags pop up at the top of the screen occasionally when somebody kills or gets killed by a player. Well it turns out the reason for their only occasional occurrence is that they only appear when you kill an opponent with the knife, and only when you perform a sneak attack from behind. In the game you’ll be able to customize your dogtag to display a constantly tracked stat depending on how you want to show off your play style. Knife kills, plane kills, the choice is yours and anybody you sneak up on will see it emblazoned across their screen so they know just who took them out.

To find out more information on this, check out the latest Battlelog, #4 “Up Close & Personal”.

John Colaw

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