Battlefield 4 Campaign Details Revealed

on July 18, 2013 2:48 PM

With Battlefield 4‘s October release right around the corner. DICE has released some new details on their blog regarding the campaign, as well as renderings of two of your AI companions.

In Battlefield 4, players will take control of Sergeant Daniel Recker, a member of the elite team known as Tombstone squad. While on a mission in Afghanistan, Tombstone is discovered while collecting information on a defecting Russian General. Forced to fight their way out, they reach  the USS Valkyrie. Here, Tombstone learns of a military coup led by Chinese Admiral Chang, who if succeeds will be backed by the Russians. With this information, Tombstone is sent to Shanghai on a covert mission to secure and extract a group of VIPs. However, China is an uproar with the United States after being implicated in assassinating the future leader of the country, Jin Jié. Amid the chaos, Admiral Chang declares a martial law, and both the Russian and United States navies position themselves off the coast waiting.F

In Shanghai, amid protests and riots, Tombstone finds the group of VIPs. Laszlo W. Kovic, a CIA field operative, is among them, but he is not alone. Kovic is with a mysterious individual whom the Chinese military is desperately searching for. With the VIPs in hand, Tombstone fights their way out of Shanghai, with both VIPs and fleeing refugees. Upon reaching the USS Valkyrie, communications are dead, and rush to the aid of the last known locations of the USS Titan and the 7th US carrier group, off the coast of Singapore. However, upon arriving at Singapore you see nothing but a city in flames and a fleet destroyed.

Battlefield 4 is set to be released on October 29 in North America, October 30 in Australia, and November 1 for Europe. PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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