Battlefield 4 Suit Ruled in Favour of EA, Statements Labelled “Corporate Optimism”

on October 23, 2014 7:28 AM

A lawsuit filed against EA by a group of investors over the way EA marketed Battlefield 4 has been ruled in favour of the publisher.

The judge found that while there was a disconnect between the released product of Battlefield 4 and what EA had promised, this was due to “corporate optimism” and not “deliberate recklessness.”

The class action lawsuit was filed last December by several investors, who alleged EA had mislead shareholders and consumers in statements about Battlefield 4.

The investors who filed the suit took issue with a number of quotes, including a statement by EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

[Battlefield 4 has achieved] a level of quality at launch that we didn’t get to last time and our teams are already starting to think about investment in new innovation for the future.

However, the judge found that the investors had in fact purchased much of their stock before the misleading statements from EA.

In addition, the judge took issue with a comparison made by the investors between Battlfield 4 and the World Series.

Defendant [CFO Blake] Jorgensen’s Oct. 29, 2013 statement comparing ‘BF4’ to a World Series ace pitcher is puffery.