Battlefield 4’s Ongoing Issues a Roadblock for Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars: Battlefront Development

on December 4, 2013 3:00 PM

Battlefield 4‘s tumultuous launch has at this point arguably exceeded normal launch woes and degenerated into a full-blown catastrophe. So much so that it seems that until the game is in at least a workable form, DICE has postponed development on some level for two of their more anticipated titles: Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars: Battlefront, both of which are in early stages and rumored for 2015.

“We haven’t announced a ship date for Battlefront but right now the team is focused on fixing Battlefield 4,” an unnamed EA representative told IGN when asked about the prospects for Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge. The publisher has also halted development on Battlefield 4‘s upcoming expansion packs so as not further compound the game’s current issues.

There was no specificity given as to when in the process of fixing Battlefield 4 the studio will move ahead at normal speed on the rest of its projects.

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