Battle Royale Isn't Arriving in Battlefield 5 Until March 2019

DICE has unveiled the free content that will be coming to Battlefield 5 in the first months after its launch.

EA and DICE have today outlined the free content that will be making its way to Battlefield 5 in the months following its November release.

These post-release updates will kick off just a few short weeks after Battlefield 5 launches and will start in early December as the first chapter of Tides of War is released. In addition, this first chapter will also allow you to play a new single-player War Stories mission entitled The Last Tiger, where you fill the shoes of a tank commander. New challenges and a Practice Range will also be added in the month of December as well.

Moving into January, the second chapter of Tides of War will release alongside two new game modes. One of which will be a revamped version of Rush while the other, Squad Conquest, will be a variant of the normal Conquest mode but instead only features 16 total players doing battle for a much tighter experience.

Perhaps most noteworthy of all, DICE announced that the highly-anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield 5, titled Firestorm, won’t be arriving until next March. Even though DICE announced this battle royale mode earlier in the year at E3, it seems we’ll be waiting just a few extra months after launch to actually play it. Other updates coming to Battlefield 5 in March include a new map in Greece and the third chapter of Tides of War.

All in all, most of these new additions to Battlefield 5 sound like a ton of fun, it’s just a shame that we’ll have to wait a few extra months to test out Firestorm. Still, there’s a lot of content in the base game of Battlefield 5 so most should be plenty busy until March.

Battlefield 5 is out in a little less than a month on November 20 and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet for yourself, you can do so on Amazon right now.

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