Battlefield V — EA Learned from Star Wars Battlefront II’s Mistakes; “Long-Term Service Plan” in Play

Battlefield V — EA Learned from Star Wars Battlefront II’s Mistakes; “Long-Term Service Plan” in Play

EA's executives pledge to have learned from the mistakes made with Star Wars: Battlefront II and to apply those learnings to Battlefield V.

During today’s financial conference call for investors and analysts, Electronic Arts Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about Battlefield V.

Jorgensen mentioned that Electronic Arts is looking at pre-orders, purchasing intent, communication around the game, and more, to get an idea of how successful it’s going to be, and they’re happy about those elements for Battlefield V. 

Wilson talked about content delivery for the game bringing up  Star Wars Battlefront II. The objective was to deliver a large, full-fledged game that people would continue to engage with new and fresh content over time. There have been issues with the progression system and monetization, from which EA has “since learned and fixed” by launching a completely new progression system.

Having learned from that experience and thinking about the launch of Battlefield V, the objective is to release a spectacular game that is full-featured, with single player, traditional multiplayer modes, and new and innovative multiplayer modes, including battle royale over time.

While the base game will be “large, deep, and full-featured” Wilson added that EA understands that players expect to play the game for many months and years, and the publisher has a long-term service plan in play for the delivery of ongoing content and ongoing modes of play.

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Battlefield V will launch on October 19th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can already pre-order it on Amazon.

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