Battlefield 5's Final Content Update is Set to Release this Summer

DICE is looking to close up shop on Battlefield 5 with the game's final standalone update being planned to launch in June.

Around 18 months after its release back in 2018, EA and DICE have today started talking about plans to end future content updates for the WWII shooter Battlefield 5.

In a new blog post on EA’s website today, the team at DICE discussed what it has planned for Battlefield V in the coming months. For now, the game’s current chapter, Into the Jungle, is set to finish up next week on April 29. After this time, DICE has said it will release one other standalone update in the summer, with a planned launch for June. Per usual, this update will bring along new weapons, content, and other various fixes and changes to the game. After this update’s launch, though, this will be the end of new content that is slated to hit Battlefield 5.

As you might expect, many fans of Battlefield 5 immediately had questions for the team at DICE, to which some clarity was provided. Over on the official Battlefield Twitter account, it was confirmed that this summer’s update will see the end of new weapons, maps, and factions that will be brought to BF5. However, Weekly Missions, rewards, and community games will still be something that DICE ensures will continue on. So while support for Battlefield 5 isn’t ending entirely, major updates will be wrapping up.

Battlefield 5’s journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. While never an outright awful game, DICE’s latest entry in the multiplayer-focused FPS series seemed to struggle to get on the same page with what the community wanted it to be. In addition to launching as somewhat of a barebones package, some of the routine add-ons that DICE brought to the game were met with criticism from fans. Still, DICE’s updates to Battlefield 5 over the past year and a half have continued to be pretty substantial and the game has maintained a steady player base over that time, even if the game never reached the same highs as previous titles.

As for the future of the Battlefield series, EA has already confirmed that the next installment in the franchise will release between April 2021 and March 2022. While this next entry hasn’t received a formal title just yet, we should be hearing more about it down the road.

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