Battlefield V Reveal Just Got Teased with a Quick Twitter Video

Battlefield V Reveal Just Got Teased with a Quick Twitter Video

As an early morning surprise, Battlefield V has been teased with a larger reveal coming this Wednesday, May 23 at 4 PM Eastern.

It was inevitable that Battlefield would be getting another entry — the question was when. It seems like EA and developer DICE has answered that question via Twitter, teasing an announcement coming Wednesday May 23 at 4 PM Eastern for Battlefield V.

Only moments ago, the official Battlefield Twitter account renamed itself to simply “V.” Following that, they sent out this cryptic tweet:

There are a few things to note among this. The first and most obvious is the Xbox One adornment. Given that Call of Duty continues to sign up with PlayStation for exclusive coverage, it looks like Microsoft is getting a similar slice of the pie with the competing series. That said, there is no way of knowing what exactly will be Microsoft exclusive in Battlefield V until the upcoming reveal.

The only screenshot you can grab from this looks pulled out of the multiplayer, with a solider shh-ing you. Over the screen it reads “SQUAD SPAWNED ON YOU +20.” Behind the quiet shh, we can hear the sound of war filling the background.


Also noted, the game’s trailer looks like it is running on Pre-Alpha footage, so let’s not be too harsh on how the visuals look relatively blocky.

For those looking to hear more about Battlefield V, make sure to tune into the reveal at the Battlefield website on Wednesday May 23, 2018 at 4 PM Eastern. Weirdly enough, the show will be presented by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, along with members of the DICE development team. This reveal obviously follows Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal last week.

DualShockers will keep you updated through the event and on any developing stories. Meanwhile, you can check out the reveal teaser trailer below as well: