Battlefield 6 Trailer Details Leak - New Location, Extreme Weather, Large Scale Battles

Get ready for extreme weather conditions in Battlefield 6!

April 12, 2021

There’s a brand new Battlefield 6 leak courtesy of insider Tom Henderson, and this time the latest details surround the upcoming trailer for the popular first-person shooter.

We’ve put together everything you need to know surrounding the details of the latest Battlefield 6 leak, including the new location and the possible extreme weather element coming to Battlefield.

Battlefield 6 Trailer Details Leak

Reddit Post

The latest leak surrounding the Battlefield 6 trailer began when a Reddit user created a post claiming to have information from Tom Henderson. The user claimed to have spoken to Henderson surrounding the possibility of Battlefield 6 taking place in Kazakhstan.


Henderson replied to the user’s query with some further clarification, you can see Tom’s reply below, taken from the Reddit post.

After the Reddit post, many fans took to Twitter to try and get more details from the infamous Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker. Henderson then replied to one fan with a very rough sketch of the location shown in the trailer.

Location Sketch

According to Henderson, the location resembles Wake Island but on a much larger scale surrounded by mountains.

The leaker continues his Twitter thread by stating that “it’s possibly Hawaii or Vietnam maybe”. After then releasing a slightly more detailed sketch (found at the top of this article), one fan took it upon themselves to render a much more detailed image of the possible trailer.

You can check out the amazing concept, courtesy of @allthinggaming on Twitter.

Extreme Weather

Tom Henderson did also point out that the image he sketched from the trailer was NOT from a Battle Royale map. Regardless, there is still a lot to take away from the leak, including the extreme weather conditions.

According to Henderson, the trailer features a tornado which will be a big part of the new Battlefield gameplay.

Large Scale Battles

When Henderson released his rough sketch of the trailer, he also pointed out that there are 6-8 Osprey Vehicles flying through the air.

When you take into account everything else happening on the island, Henderson claims “it should give you the sense of scale”, hinting towards the fact that this Battlefield will be on a much larger scale.

When Will The Battlefield 6 Trailer Release?

There’s no exact date set for the new Battlefield 6 trailer, but many expect a reveal event for latest first person shooter to take place in May of 2021.

More Battlefield

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