Battlefield: Hardline Beta PS4 vs PC Ultra Screenshot Comparison: Not the Prettiest Princess at the Ball

Battlefield: Hardline Beta PS4 vs PC Ultra Screenshot Comparison: Not the Prettiest Princess at the Ball

The Battlefield: Hardline beta is available on both PC and PS4, but how do the two version stack against each other in visual fidelity? We set out to answer that question with a screenshot comparison.

We wandered the virtual streets of Los Angeles and took quite a few screenshots of both platforms, which you can see below, with each pairing showcasing the PS4 version above and the PC version pushed up to Ultra settings below.

Of course you should click on each picture to enlarge them, and by flipping between two tabs of your browser you can easily compare them.

Battlefield_Hardline_01_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_01_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_02_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_02_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_03_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_03_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_04_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_04_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_05_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_05_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_06_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_06_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_07_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_07_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_08_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_08_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_09_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_09_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_10_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_10_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_11_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_11_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_12_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_12_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_13_PS4 Battlefield_Hardline_13_PC

Battlefield_Hardline_41_PC Battlefield_Hardline_14_PS4

The first conclusion that comes to mind by watching the screenshots above, is that the Battlefield: Hardline beta isn’t definitely the prettiest thing we can display on our screens nowadays, regardless of platform, but moving on from that, the PS4 version holds up to the PC version rather well.

There’s a slight but pretty visible difference in definition, and textures are lower in resolution. Ambient occlusion is also stronger on PC. Other than that, you’ll need to squint a bit to notice differences. The beta ramped up to Ultra settings doesn’t really push the PC platform too hard, and in fact it can easily keep more than decent frame rates even on rigs that aren’t the top kids on the block.

That said, it’s still a beta, so there’s plenty time for Visceral to improve things on both platforms. We’ll have to wait and see what the release version will bring for a more precise comparison.