Battlefield Heroes Hits 2 Million Registered Players

Battlefield Heroes Hits 2 Million Registered Players

EA today announced that Battlefield Heroes, the hit Play4Free third-person shooter, has registered over 2 million players. With endless hours of signature Battlefield sandbox action, Battlefield Heroes is EA’s latest web-based free to download, and free to play, title which generates the company cash through advertisements and in-game item sales. To celebrate, EA will release a free Heroes of the Fall updates for the game – which includes a brand new map – on September 30.

The new map will be infantry-focused and set in a village with dozens of intersecting canals. Fierce battles will pan out on the bridges and crossings, while stealthy players can use the alleyways and channels to move unnoticed for sudden flanking maneuvers and rear-guard actions.


That isn’t all, though. As of today, the publisher is accepting proposed names for the new map. Players will be able to submit a proposed name for the soon-to-be-released map, and that name may be selected by the Battlefield Heroes development team. Whether or not you’ll be offered some sort of prize is yet to be mentioned. But what’s cooler than having something you came up with show up throughout the world? Aside from being Batman, of course.

If you haven’t experienced Battlefield Heroes, you can thank me for presenting you with it. Remember, it is completely free. If you want a piece of the action, just head over to and download and launch the game. Before jumping into battle, players can customize their cartoonish characters. It’s a fun game and I would suggest it to anyone looking for something better to do other than searching the words “anus” on Google.