Battlefield Reveal Teased for May 23rd Via Complex Easter Egg

Battlefield Reveal Teased for May 23rd Via Complex Easter Egg

Electronic Arts teased a reveal for the Battlefield series on May 23rd through a complex and clever Easter Egg cracked by the Battlefield 1 community.

The Battlefield 1 community has been hard at work on solving a complex easter egg in the Fort Vaux map.

After finally succeeding in opening the door to a chamber marked “Isolement” by breaking signs and flipping switches in a specific order, they found a mysterious empty room with a painting portraying a horse, blood splatters, and some pipes.

They then discovered (as posted by user The_Monotonist) that the pipes drip in morse code leading to this site on Electronic Arts’s network.

There users are simply welcomed by the “May 23rd” date, the hashtag “#Battlefield,” and the message “Never be the same” with a purple background. Obviously Electronic Arts and DICE don’t want to give away too much.

It’s very possible that the May 23rd date marks the reveal of the brand new Battlefield game, that has been rumored (but not confirmed) to be set in World War II. We do know that the game will have a single player story alongside its multiplayer modes, as revealed two days ago by Electronic Arts itself.

Of course, you’ll be able to read all about the game as soon as it’s officially revealed.