Battlefield V's Developers Host Sneak Peak Despite Update's Delay

While the Battlefield developers work on getting a new release date for "Overture," the Community Managers showed of a Sneak Peek.

By Noah Buttner

December 4, 2018

Battlefield V is different from its predecessors in that all post-launch content for the game will be free, but it’s the same in terms of server stability. The first planned update, “Overture,” was delayed today (the day it was set to launch). Despite this delay, the developers over at DICE took to Twitch to show off the update’s new map, vehicle customization, and more.

The delay is due to the developers observing some server stability issues within the update. This means that while all the content for the free update is ready, launching the patch as-is would have made it harder to get into a match and experience it. Since the game is likely to see a spike in players on the day of a massive free update, they decided to delay it.

The developers said they’d have an update this morning, according to their live stream so we’ll update you when we hear more.

Players who are still eager to see what exactly is in store can watch the gameplay sneak peek, which the devs hosted despite the delay. In the live stream, which was almost two hours long, Community Managers Dan Mitre and Jeff Braddock spoke with Dev Manager Ben Turner and Map Designer Joe Shackelford.

They showed off the new map Panzerstorm, which is Battlefield V‘s largest map yet. It is designed for huge tank warfare with each team getting up to seven tanks. Infantry does have some structure to hide behind and can also construct a lot of tank traps to try and deter the metal murder machines.

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We also got a look at the new War Story that follows “The Last Tiger” as a Nazi soldier looks to command his tank unit and fend off American troops.

Each week in the update will feature new events for players to complete to unlock new weapons and customization. In January and March, we’ll get the next entries in the “Tides of War” update schedule. March is when players will get to play Battlefield V‘s Battle Royale mode “Firestorm.”

You can check out the VOD of the sneak peek below.

Watch Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Gameplay Sneak Peek from Battlefield on
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