Battlefield V Will Offer Broad Character Customization For Players

Battlefield V Will Offer Broad Character Customization For Players

Battlefield V will let player swap between sex, body types, war paints, and much more in broader customization options than previous games.

It appears that the recently revealed Battlefield V may be swinging a bit more into alternate history than others in the series, following an announcement from Twitter. Prioritizing player choice and specialization, players will be able to customize their character using a broader character creation tool.

The news comes from Battlefield‘s official Twitter, where they made an official statement about fan feedback of cartoony looking characters in the trailer:

While we don’t know the full extent of what the customization will include, at the very least it will let players swap between war paint, body types, and gender. According to the studio, this is to “empower player choice, diversity and inclusion.”

This wasn’t the first hint that we would be seeing minor divergences from a historically accurate portrayal of World War II. According to DICE’s General Manager Oskar Gabrielson, the game is not only a “homecoming” for the series, but also “a way to challenge the preconception of the era with an unexpected portrayal of this familiar setting.” Of course, this can also expand way beyond the realm of character creation and also include the story and setting.

For those entirely out of the loop, Battlefield V was first teased in a small Easter Egg within Battlefield One. The game’s broader reveal came two weeks later, with some of the better news that the game’s post-launch DLC will come free of charge to all purchasers.

Battlefield V is set to launch on October 19, 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with Digital Deluxe purchasers able to play the game three days early. And yes, you can pre-order the game already on Amazon.

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