Battlefield V 'Into the Jungle' Update Details Revealed in New Trailer

The next chapter for Battlefield V will place players onto the Solomon Islands deep in the jungles with new weapons and elite fighters.

Battlefield V has a new map coming which drops players right into the middle of the jungle on a new island called the Solomon Islands. The new map comes with the games 6.0 update and a trailer featuring community manager, Adam Freeman is available, showing off the action players can expect to see.

As part of the sixth chapter for Battlefield V, the Solomon Islands will find allies landing on the beaches of the island, ready to battle the Japanese forces stationed in the jungles. Players can expect a grind according to Freeman, who details that the map has been designed by the team that brought Argonne Forest to Battlefield 1. 

The new map can be played on Breakthrough mode, conquest, squad conquest, and team deathmatch. It’ll also feature narrow jungle moments to keep players close and fighting as they unlock new cosmetics and weapons.

In the first few weeks of Tides of War, new cosmetics will be available to unlock along with new guns such as the Type 11-MG which will come to support classes, while the assault class get an M2 Carbine. An M1A1 Bazooka will be unlockable as will a new Lunge Mine which finds players running towards their target with a mine on a stick.

While players can play the map and earn chapter rewards for the duration of the chapter, after the chapter period is over, players will still be able to play on the map but lose out on unlocking any rewards through their chapter rank.

Misaki Yamashiro, Steve Fisher, and Akira Sakamoto are elite fighters that are coming to the game. Yamashiro can be unlocked by reaching level 40 during the chapter’s period, while it looks as if Fisher and Sakamoto will need to be paid for.

Into the Jungle will be a free download for Battlefield V across all platforms but for how long it’ll run for is unclear. It’ll go live on February 6, 2020.

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