EA DICE Details Battlefield V Progression System, Battlefield Currency, and Company Coins

Battlefield V has had its progression system detailed and what currency will be available for the title.

EA DICE has detailed in a blog post how Battlefield V’s progression system works, as well as the economy that players will be able to use in the first-person shooter title.

Back when the first Battlefield V details were released, EA DICE revealed that the post-launch content for the game will be totally free for all players. They also detailed earlier this year that they had learned from their mistakes with Star Wars: Battlefront II in regards to the progressions system and monetization.

In the blog post released yesterday, they discuss their plans for the title. They are still ensuring that there is no premium pass for the title and that all players get to experience the new chapters together. The first being Tides of War that is planned to bring new maps, game modes, gear, and gameplay.

They detail that when players progress they’ll be unlocking new items for their Company and will increase their rank in five categories: Career, Class, Weapon, Vehicle, and Chapter. Rank increases will reward the player with gameplay items such as weapons, attachments, and vehicles, and cosmetic items such as weapon skins, and gear that changes the player’s appearance.

To get into specifics with the ranks, Carrer Rank increases with nearly everything a player does in Battlefield V and will assign titles such as Private, Sergeant, and more. Class Rank increases depending on how often players play as a specific class, similarly to Weapon Rank and Vehicle Rank. Chapter Rank increases when players play any game modes during the course of a Chapter such as the Tides of War one.

Different rewards are available for the rank progressions:

  • Career Ranks reward Company Coin and vehicles for a players Company.
  • Class Ranks reward Combat Roles and also different weapons within a class.
  • Weapon and Vehicle Ranks allow Company Coin to unlock Specialization paths to improve weapons or vehicles.
  • Chapter Ranks will reward themed rewards that will be detailed at a later date closer to the launch of the Tides of War Chapter.

The blog post goes on to detail the economy, introducing us to Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. Company Coin will be earned by progressing through Battlefield V and completing Daily Missions and some Special Assignments. This currency will allow players to either unlock Specialisation paths for vehicles or weapons, or purchase cosmetics. Player cosmetics are to be available from launch, but vehicle cosmetics will be arriving in the first chapter of Tides of War.

Battlefield Currency can be purchased with real-world money and can be used only to purchase specific cosmetic items for a players Company. It won’t be available at launch as detailed in the blog post,

“We want players to get hands-on experience with their Company, the progression system, and earning Company Coin before introducing premium currency.”

Also detailed in the blog post was essentially a list of important things:

  • In Battlefield V, you progress by playing. The more you play, the more you’ll progress, and the more items you can unlock to outfit your Company.

  • When it comes to gear, there is no one right answer — only what’s right for you, your playstyle, and the needs of your squad.

  • There are two types of in-game currency. Company Coin is earned only through gameplay. Battlefield Currency is purchased with real-world money.

  • Battlefield V is made to reward how often you play and how well you play. You will never be able to use Battlefield Currency or spend real-world money to get anything that gives you an unfair gameplay advantage.

Battlefield V will be launching for Xbox One, PC, and PS4 on November 20 after originally being delayed to make improvements to the core gameplay.

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