Battlefield V Third Dev Talk Discusses Changes to Aim Assist, New Weapons, and Balancing

Battlefield V Third Dev Talk Discusses Changes to Aim Assist, New Weapons, and Balancing

The Battlefield V development team delves deeper into the systems surrounding weapons including progression, time to kill, and the removal of aim assist.

Today, the Battlefield V Development team went on camera to discuss the systems surrounding weapons as well as teasing a new weapon for each class.

David Sirland, the Multiplayer Producer for the game, had a lot to say regarding soldier visibility, net code, and aim assist. He began by talking about issues that players were experiencing on Rotterdam wherein they were having trouble distinguishing enemies from the background. After altering the amount of distance haze, players should now be able to see enemies more easily in clear weather.

Next Sirland went on to discuss a problem that a lot of players were reporting with time to death. Players felt they were dying much too quickly in the open beta and Sirland explained that this is an issue with netcode and these players are dying so fast because they got two bullets worth of damage in one tick update. The team is trying to look at Battlefield One as a model and is currently working to get their netcode to be as similar to that game as possible.

He finished by discussing aim assist, in particular, he mentioned how important it will be to get it right because we’re moving towards “a future where cross-play seems to be a thing,” (take that as you will). DICE wants to completely remove magnetism which helps by snapping a player’s sights onto an enemies body when they first aim in. Players were noticing that this was a problem in the open beta as machine gunners (SMG, Assault Rifle, MMG) could just abuse the snapping system to score fast and easy kills up close, giving the opposing player no chance to respond.

Erik Ortman–the Lead Engagement Designer–then stepped in to discuss weapon specializations. Some players felt as though weapon specializations were serving as an unfair advantage against players who were just starting to play the game. A fully-specialized assault rifle would be much more powerful than one without specializations in terms of recoil, magazine size, etc. In order to combat this Ortman said they were going to add built-in specializations to the beginner weapon of each class so that players who invest the time can use specializations for other weapons, but those beginner players still have a fighting chance.

Florian Le Bihan mentioned that the team has reduced the per-shot damage of Automatic rifles from 27 to 25, and increased the headshot multiplier to 2X. This should help players feel like they have more of a chance against an enemy who is just aiming at center mass. The STG44, in particular, is getting some more attention because it was over-performing in short to medium combat.

Finally, Adriaan De Ruijter went over some of the new weapons we’ll be seeing when the game launches including the uber-high-powered MG42 for Supports, the MP34 for the Medic class, the Krag Jorgensen (Yes that’s a real name) bolt-action rifle for snipers, and the new Sturmgewehr 1-5 Assualt Rifle.

You can check out the nearly-20-minute video below in its entirety.

Battlefield V comes out on November 20th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game was originally set to release in October. You can read about that here.