Battlefield V Gameplay Videos Show Grand Operations

A lot of footage of Battlefield V's Grand Operations mode surfaced from EA Play, showing the gist of the new and epic mode.

After yesterday’s EA Play Press Conference that introduced us to the new Battlefield V multiplayer trailer, and even the announcement of Origin Access Premier, several YouTube users released Battlefield V gameplay videos.

All the videos are playing on the Grand Operations mode that we already saw in action through NVIDIA‘s YouTube channel. So I’ve compiled a small list of some of the videos I’ve seen to hit the official Twitter.

MoonLiteWolf – In this video, we see a focus on squad gameplay, with orders being assigned, medals being awarded for performing actions such as resupplying squad members, and we also get to see the command wheel. We see a squad member get shot down and turn around on his back as he reaches out to MoonLiteWolf for aid. A quick stab in the arm and the squad member is revived.

We also get to see a buddy revive in which a downed buddy gets a quick, but longer inspection from MoonLiteWolf before being helped back up onto their feet. When all control points are captured the players have to wipe out the remaining enemies, which is indicated by the reticle in the top of the screen by the objective points.

Flakfire – In this video, we get a good look at how the vehicles work in Battlefield V. Starting the video off we see the player in a plane switching from the first-person perspective to the third person. The tank shows its sheer power by destroying buildings in front of it with intense explosions filling the screen. We’re told that there are resupply points around the maps for different vehicles which encourages tactical play.

Support class players can build supply points to help aid those using vehicles. Repairing vehicles has been balanced since Battlefield 1 as well, with players needing to either find a supply point to repair, get a support player to fix them up, or hop out and do it themselves. All of the tanks are also capable of towing stationary weapons such as a Pack 40 Anti-Tank Gun.

Westie – In this video, Westie shows us some of the destruction physics and how fortifications work. Battlefield V now provides all players with access to a toolbox rather than the gas mask that was available for all players in Battlefield 1.

These fortifications can serve many purposes such as building a sandbag wall, lay down hedgehogs in the road, dig a foxhole and surround it with sandbags, or even rebuild destroyed walls. Players can build a snowman as well, but that doesn’t seem to offer much protection or fortification…Support class players can use fortifications to construct machine-gun placements as well to build a stronger defense.

Destruction seems to be more impactful and when structures are destroyed they’ll represent the impact as realistically as possible. There is also weight applied to structures which will see rubble falling from destroyed buildings long after the initial impact.

Gabytron – In this video, Gabytron takes a better look at the soldier movements making sure to point out that players and vehicles leave tracks in the snow by moving through them. After shooting up a snowman and talking about fortifications that we already learned about from the above video, Gabytron shows us some new screens.

When players are downed they’ll be able to call out for help from nearby allies, but once dead, you’re taken to a new squad screen which allows you to spectate the member you’re going to spawn on. In Battlefield 1 and other Battlefield titles, squad spawns were shown from the overhead map as green markers without any indication as to what to expect when spawned.

A new system that allows players to sprint while crouched means that players can move quicker through cover. Gabytron also mentions a knockback effect that takes place when nearby explosions take place. Gabytron expressed concerns about the possible spam from tanks exploiting this feature but mentions that the resupply system for vehicles could stop that from happening.

jackfrags – Jackfrags explains that Grand Operations is a 64 player game mode where both teams fight for a number of days to finally achieve the end goal. As an attacker, the first objective will find players attempting to destroy four artillery cannons with explosives, but those explosives can be defused by the defenders.

We’re told that the buddy revives don’t restore an ally to full health, but a medic revive can. Battlefield V brings back health and ammo drops that can be thrown around, with supply points allowing players to restock.

When day 2 of the Grand Operations mode begins finding players fighting for control over various flags throughout the town. Jackfrags explains how sniping has had the 3D spotting heavily toned down since Battlefield 1 which makes finding targets more difficult.

There’s more movement teased here showing the ability to dive in multiple directions, even onto his back to shoot at enemies from that grounded position. The ability to throw back grenades remains, and players can also shoot grenades in mid-air.

While there are only two days available for these YouTuber’s to play in the Grand Operations pre-alpha, there are going to be a possible four days in total in the final build. The Final Stand day is described as only taking place if there is no clear victor in day three, and sees players starting with one life only and limited resources as they fight for their lives.

That’s all of the sponsored videos I’ve managed to compile for now, there might be more out there, but I think these give us a very good look at what to expect from Battlefield V. We’ll find out more during the Microsoft Media Breifing later today.

Battlefield V will launch on October 19th 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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