Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer Shows a Glimpse of the Game’s Battle Royale

EA and DICE unveiled quite possibly the most destructive trailer for Battlefield V yet—and it features a quick look at its battle royale mode.

on August 16, 2018 11:55 AM

As promised yesterday, EA and DICE delivered a new Battlefield V trailer for Gamescom. The footage, featuring the destructive Rotterdam Blitz and going all the way to the sands of North Africa, also contained a look at what appears to be the game’s battle royale mode.

You can expect the usual run-and-gun and explosive gameplay in the two-minute video, which features a whole lot of tank and air action. This entry in the Battlefield series, in particular, appears to revel in gorgeous locales amongst all of the bloody chaos. And judging from the end of the trailer, the battle royale mode will contain all of that bloody chaos with a literal wall of fire.

A shrinking circle is one of the hallmarks of the battle royale genre—PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds represented it with a vague, electrical field of some sort, while Fortnite has a storm. But Battlefield V has what must be the most terrifying iteration of this—a wall of fire that will sure to add a sense of urgency as it closes in on players.

Battlefield V will roll its way into PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 19—watch the Gamescom trailer below.

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