Battlefield V Trailer Shows Nine Maps in Action with Eight Available at Launch and One Post-Launch

Eight maps arriving to Battlefield V at launch, one coming post-launch when Tides of War lands.
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A new trailer from EA DICE landed on the Battlefield V YouTube channel earlier today showing players a look at all of the maps that will be available to the title at launch.

The maps featured in the trailer that’s available to view below will cater to a variety of different playstyles. We see dramatic action taking place in the deserts of North Africa, in the countryside of France, and even the snow-covered mountains of Norway.

Throughout the trailer we see multiplayer gameplay taking place, showcasing not only the maps but even more gameplay features in action. For example, we see plenty of building destruction, airborne combat, squads systems, fortifications, and basically…a lot of shooting.

Here are the maps that can be seen in the trailer:

  • Narvik (Norway)
  • Fjell 652 (Norway)
  • Rotterdam (Holland)
  • Devastation (Holland)
  • Twisted Steel (France)
  • Arras (France)
  • Hamada (North Africa)
  • Aerodrome (North Africa)
  • Panzerstorm (Belgium)

Hamada will be one of the largest maps available to Battlefield V at launch, with Twisted Steel featuring one of the largest structures that has been created in a Battlefield title. Devastation comes after the aftermath of fighting in Rotterdam and is mainly close quarters combat. Fjell 652 takes place atop the mountains and comes with extreme dynamic weather to change the battlefield.

When Tides of War —the first chapter for Battlefield V— launches post-launch, a new map Panzerstorm will arrive allowing players to take part in one of the first major tank battles of WWII.

We’ve recently had EA DICE detail how the progression system will work and the economics behind the in-game currency. We’ve also heard that players will get special cosmetic gifts at launch due to the title originally being delayed.

Battlefield V will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20, and you can pre-order it on Amazon if you wish.

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