Battlefield V's New Map Marita Should Offer Nice Change of Pace

I was able to get some hands-on time with one of the new maps coming to Battlefield V earlier today at EA Play.

EA Play is currently happening in Los Angeles and I was fortunate to get some hands-on time with Marita, one of the new maps coming to Battlefield V. After a quick ten or so minute battle, I can say that Battlefield veterans should be content with another smaller map coming to the game, but will not be blown away.

What Marita does well is funnel most of the players in the match to a bridge in the center of the map. Players had to defend which was essentially their side of the map and fight over the capture point in the center of the bridge. If you are a player who always wants to be in the center of the action, then the bridge is Marita will be a perfect place for you. Once the bridge was captured, then the other team would have to struggle to gain back momentum, which I think is pretty cool. Having the focal point at one point of the map can create those chaotic Battlefield moments we all love.

However, there were workarounds from the bridge. Players can flank the bridge through a big ditch to get a better shot at the enemy, but also try to capture enemies territories to even the playing field. On top of that, Marita features plenty of alleyways for even closer first-person combat once the advancing moves past the bridge.

Marita should offer some more variety to the diverse maps of Battlefield V. I have always been a fan of the wider and open maps, but the smaller ones offer a nice change of pace. Plus, what I enjoyed most about the new map was that I had the choice of how I wanted to play. I felt that defending or attacking the bridge was equally important as flanking the enemy and stealing some of their territories.

I only had the opportunity to check out Marita, which focuses more on closer ranged combat and forces players to narrow alleys. Sadly I was not able to get to play Al Sun Dan, the other map making its way to the game that features a much larger and barren environment for large scale battles with the ground and air vehicles.

To top off the news of two new maps coming to Battlefield V, the game is also making its way to EA Access and Origin Vault later today.

Battlefield V is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The launch of the game was a little barren, but, they have slowly started to roll out more content and maps in the game completely free.

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