Battlefield V New Update Arrives Today and Fixes Some Minor Bugs

Battlefield V New Update Arrives Today and Fixes Some Minor Bugs

Battlefield V Update 7.3 launches today, targeting some of the issues that EA Play users face in the game.

With a big number of players joining Battlefield V servers thanks to EA Play’s addition to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, now the game will receive a new update today to wipe out some of the bugs that might be annoying for new players.

Originally launched back in 2018, Battlefield V wasn’t quite a successful financial launch for EA, especially when you compare it to Battlefield 1. However, thanks to the game’s addition to the EA Play service and DICE’s continuous support of the game with new maps, game modes, and other content packs, Battlefield V is now one of the worthy multiplayer experiences that could fill your free times for months.

Earlier last month, the EA Play service has been added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, meaning that a big number of new players are now distributed among the various EA Play titles including the online ones such as Battlefield V. In order to smooth out the experience for this new audience, DICE is rolling out a new update today that will bring some minor fixes to the game. Here you can check out the patch note:

  • We’ve updated our loading screen with new artwork
  • Fixed an issue that was causing for some players who were accessing Battlefield V via EA Play to show as Trial Users
  • The correct rank is now shown in Your Company
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the Rank Up message from appearing during midround
  • Friendly Name tags are correctly disabled when name tags mutator is set to OFF
  • The Serpentine paint job is now available in The Company for the Corsair F4U-1C
  • The New Zealand plane paint job correctly displays when in the Corsair F4U 1-A cockpit view
  • The Hazard Skin is now correctly available for both Male and Female Soldiers
  • Ensured that the minimum players mutator in Community Games remains the same as the previous selection when switching game size from 64/32 players, to 16
  • The Loose Part hairstyle is now correctly available to unlock via The Company

DICE is currently working on the next Battlefield title and it’s expected to launch later in 2021 or beyond.