Battlefield V Teases Intense, Intimate Stories in This Single-Player Trailer

Battlefield V Teases Intense, Intimate Stories in This Single-Player Trailer

War Stories are the focus in this Battlefield V trailer, previewing personal tales against the backdrop of epic and explosive conflicts and battles.

Continuing from Battlefield 1, DICE is once again presenting single-player content in Battlefield V in the form of “War Stories.” In the latest trailer for EA’s first-person World War II shooter, we get a glimpse at some of the characters in these anthology stories, which will take players to different fronts of the war.

The trailer gives off the vibe of an inspirational and motivational video, with a voice-over narration going on about the human spirit. Rather than focusing on images of violence and blood, the trailer instead closes up to the human faces of the people embroiled in this worldwide conflict.

Various theaters of World War II are glimpsed in this trailer, with War Stories including “Nordlys,” where players will play as a woman in German-occupied Norway, “Under No Flag,” which depicts an English soldier behind enemy lines, “Tirailleur” where Senegalese units of the French military “fight for a home [they]’ve never seen,” and “The Last Tiger,” where players will be in the crew of a Tiger I tank while the characters question why they fight in the first place.

The trailer for Battlefield V, which releases November 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, is below. The game is available for pre-order on Amazon. Meanwhile, check out our interview with creative director Lars Gustavsson which discusses the War Stories.

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