Battlefield V Producer Explains Why DICE Is Sticking with the Single-Player War Stories

Battlefield V Producer Explains Why DICE Is Sticking with the Single-Player War Stories

DICE seems to be going against trends with the inclusion of a single-player mode in Battlefield V; Lars Gustavsson explains why.

While other popular shooter franchises are moving away from the classic single-player campaign, Battlefield, which has traditionally been a multiplayer-oriented series, seems to be ready to focus heavily on the solo aspect of Battlefield V.

During an interview at EA Play, DualShockers talked with Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson, who explained why the developer decided to stick with the single player mode.

“We were struck by the love they received for the war stories in Battlefield 1. We felt it was our opportunity to put the war into perspective. With Battlefield 1 and World War I everyone was hesitant to start with and go to that era since the preconception was “it’s only trenches, who wants to make a game about that?”

I think we showed to ourselves and the world that this was a war of epic magnitude. It was all of the world, and I think the war stories allowed us to set the whole war in persepective. We take that mindset for Battlefield V, since we didn’t want to go back and redo all the World War II games that we all played already. We wanted to find new stuff that excited us.”

Gustavsson continued by mentioning that the team is formed by gamers who also play other games, but the single-player War Stories are something they’re passionate about.

“In terms of the other developers, of course we’re gamers, we play other games, we follow trends in the industry, but this is something that is super strong for us  and that we’re really passionate about. When at the races you’re looking at the other lanes, that’s best way of stumbling and getting unfocused.”

We also heard that the different War Stories included in the campaign will be definitely inspired by different “class fantasies” pretty much like we saw in Battlefield 1. 

If you want to see more of Battlefield V, you can check out a recent gameplay trailer, and a cinematic trailer for the War Stories, on top of some recent screenshots.

Battlefield V will release on October 19th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can already pre-order it on Amazon.

[Original interview: Logan Moore]