The Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Revealed Quite a Few Details: WWII Setting, Tickets and More

The Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Revealed Quite a Few Details: WWII Setting, Tickets and More

Battlefield V's reveal is coming, and a small teaser trailer reveals quite a few interesting elements for those willing to squint.

Today DICE and Electronic Arts released a small teaser trailer for the upcoming Battlefield V, and it came with some solid hints on a few aspects of the game.

First of all one of the most visible elements can be seen in the flags at the top of the frame. The British Union Jack flag doesn’t say much, but the German Iron Cross is definitely an indication of a World War II setting.

The clincher is in the goggles worn by the character displayed. They’re Luftwaffe Model 306 Fliegerschutzbrille or German flying goggles from the World War II era, used mostly by paratroopers and even motorbike dispatch riders.

You can see a few pictures below (courtesy of Soldier of Fortune). The nose bridge and reinforcements under the lens frame are unmistakable. So yes, the rumors were true: Battlefield V is going to be set in World War II, and the Western front will at least appear, even if we don’t know whether it’ll be the only one.

The mode portrayed appears to be Conquest, but there is an interesting detail: the ticket count is going down, contrary to Battlefield 1, in which it counts up.

We also see the ability to have other squad members spawn on the player, which provides score. On the bottom left there is the squad list which counts four players, even if we don’t know if that’s the actual maximum squad count (like in Battlefield Bad Company, its sequel, and Battlefield 3) or the squad simply isn’t full. There certainly seem to be room in the UI for a fifth member like in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. 

Last, but not least, a “defend” order is visible above the squad list. The minimap looks rather empty, but this might simply because the scene could be staged.

Incidentally, the Twitter version of the video includes an Xbox One logo, which could indicate a marketing deal with Microsoft.

We’re surely going to know more on Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern Time, when the game will be fully revealed.