Star Wars Battlefront II Night on Endor Update Revealed; Crystals to Make Return

Star Wars Battlefront II Night on Endor Update Revealed; Crystals to Make Return

EA DICE has officially revealed the next free update for Star Wars Battlefront II, and, as the name suggests, it's entirely based on the Battle of Endor.

It’s safe to say that, while the game might have had an incredibly rough launch due to microtransactions, EA DICE has kept to its word that all DLC for the game would be completely free, and now, the next batch of that DLC is coming. Today, the Night on Endor update for Star Wars Battlefront II was officially revealed, and just like all the other updates, it adds cosmetic items, a new mode, and more.

First and foremost, Ewok Hunt, the new mode added with the update, essentially recreates the ground skirmishes that were fought during the Battle of Endor, which was of course seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. One team will consist entirely of Stormtroopers, while the other will consist of Ewoks. However, after that, the mode turns into an Infection-type mode (if you’ve played Call of Duty). Once a member of the Ewok team kills a Stormtrooper, that person will then respawn as an Ewok. If the Ewok team kills off the entirety of the Imperials, they win. If the Empire can hold off the fuzzballs until extraction then they win.

In addition to the new mode, the Night on Endor update will also see the return of Crystals, the in-game currency which can only be obtained with real-world money. We knew this currency would be coming back, which was removed due to complaints at launch, however, we didn’t know when. That being said, as previously revealed, players will only be able to use Crystals to purchase cosmetic items like new skins.

Finally, players will also be able to unlock two brand new costumes, both inspired by Return of the Jedi: Endor Han and Endor Leia.

Night on Endor begins in just a few days, on April 18, 2018, and will, of course, be available on all platforms.

Star Wars Battlefront II was officially released late last year and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. You can purchase it from Amazon by clicking here.

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