Original Battlefront Multiplayer Brought Back Through Steam

Original Battlefront Multiplayer Brought Back Through Steam

The steam version of the original Battlefront has been updated to bring back online multiplayer just like the good ole days.

After launching way back in 2004, the original Battlefront on Steam has been updated to include online multiplayer once again. Players can hop in and blast each other just like the good ole days on the PlayStation 2 and OG Xbox.

For those of you who are only familiar with the latest Battlefront games, the old titles came from Lucas Arts games and supplied some of the best Star Wars gameplay out there.


Before EA picked up the Star Wars licensed and seemingly fumbled every single decision they have made surrounding the franchise (besides Fallen Order) or just flat out cancel games currently in development, Star Wars had some pretty neat game adaptations. The first two Battlefront games were always one of the go-to multiplayer games my buddies and I would go to. The Force Unleashed games can be mindless hack and slash fun but also supply that power-hungry Jedi fever dream we have always wanted in a video game. Don’t get me started on the Rogue Squadron games too. While EA has started to right the ship after the disaster of a launch Battlefront II was, they still haven’t reached the quality that we used to see. But, I could just be looking through my nostalgia-filled goggles.

Battlefront is currently only $4.99 on Steam right now if you wanted to relive the glory days this weekend.