Battlerite Royale Release a New Early Access Trailer Showcasing a Werebear Item Which Transforms Players into a Beast

Stunlock Studios has released a new trailer for their MOBA battle royale game Battlerite Royale, which is coming to Steam Early Access September 26

Stunlock Studios today released a howling new trailer showing off a Werebear item where players undergo the process of metamorphosis into a huge beast giving a very real advantage on the battleground to the lucky dog who discovers it.

In Battlerite Royale players will find themselves on the back of a large dragon, and in true battle royale style, jump out without a care in the world to the impending land below called Talon Island, but this time you don’t actually have a parachute being the little daredevil you are.

Once safely on land, players explore their surroundings either solo or in teams, while gathering loot by destroying small purple orbs. It looks like you need to keep your wits about you as opposing players come in thick and fast, so getting the advantage on your enemy is key, grabbing their loot and ultimately be the last one standing is the name of the game if you didn’t already know.

Last month Battlerite Royale stated that it will launch with up to 20 playable champions and in March, Battlerite announced a new champion by the name of Ulric the Paladin, so there’s a lot going on for fans to be excited about.

Battlerite Royale will be released on Steam Early Access on September 26th for $19.99

Until you get to the battlefield yourself, check out the new trailer and some screenshots below:

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