Trainer Battles Finally Land in Pokémon Go With an Action-Packed New Trailer

Trainer Battles Finally Land in Pokémon Go With an Action-Packed New Trailer

Pokémon Go's trailer whets the appetite for the game's Trainer Battle update as a number of classic Sinnoh pokémon prepare for battle.

Pokémon trainers the world over have been asking for a way of challenging other players to battles in Pokémon Go since it first launched back in the summer of 2016. And now, their prayers have been answered as PvP battles finally make their way into the game.

With information being rolled out over the last number of weeks about how exactly these battles would work, Pokémon fans have had a lot to look forward to. To celebrate the arrival of Trainer Battles, a new trailer has been released which is jam-packed full of energy and wonder.

The trailer opens with a game of street basketball taking place beneath an overpass. Suddenly, a huge Torterra appears, rupturing the concrete under its enormous weight. The camera pans across the area to reveal the grass type pokémon’s target as an Empoleon leaps to safety. The next scene shows stunned onlookers as they witness Girantina emerging from the Distortion World to do battle with mythical psychic type Cresselia.

From here, we are whisked away to another urban setting as a crowd gathers around two pokémon trainers in a quad as they unleash an electrically charged Luxray against a gigantic Melmetal.

Of course, the trailer doesn’t feature any actual gameplay footage, but it perfectly captures the fact that the game can be played anywhere at any time, allowing for potentially countless battles in public areas.

Pokemon Go is available now for free on Android and iOS. The game can also be used in conjunction with the franchise’s latest releases on Nintendo Switch; Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Each of which can be purchased via Amazon.

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