Battlewake is an Awesome Looking VR Pirate Game from Creed: Rise to Glory’s Developer

Battlewake is an Awesome Looking VR Pirate Game from Creed: Rise to Glory’s Developer

VR developer Survios has unveiled its next title: a VR game called Battlewake that is coming to both VR arcades and retail VR headsets.

Survios has made a name for themselves in the VR scene with titles like Raw Data, Sprint Vector, and Creed: Rise to Glory. Today, they unveiled their next major VR title and it’s a really fun looking pirate game called Battlewake. Check out the action-packed reveal trailer for yourself:

Battlewake is poised to hit VR arcades first before hitting unspecified VR platforms in Summer 2019. Players will be able to control four different Pirate Lords with access to their own special and ultimate attacks and ships with up to 13 different kinds of weapons on them. As for modes, as single-player PvE mode and PvP deathmatches have been confirmed by Survios.

While a pirate-based VR game may seem like a recipe for motion sickness, the developers are taking steps to curb that issue. Battlewake improves locomotion based movement with the new “immersive vehicle system” that will apparently let players “focus on the battle at hand and take on the wildest waves, while limiting the common triggers of sea-sickness” thanks to adaptive physics and peripheral effects. As the game is coming to VR arcades as well, Survios is constructing the title to work well as “location based entertainment” for up to 10 players.

Battlewake also features reactive water that can easily transform into things like tidal waves and whirlpools. For a VR title, the visuals are quite striking and cemented my newfound anticipation for the game.

You can see the first screenshots of the game highlighting these visuals below. While the headsets Battlewake will be available on didn’t get more specific than “retail VR platforms,” it will be hitting those this Summer alongside the VR arcades. If you want any early shot at trying the game, Closed Beta sign-ups are currently open at