Battlezone Getting Classic Mode on December 20

Battlezone Getting Classic Mode on December 20

Rebellion announced today that an update will add Classic Mode to their PlayStation VR game Battlezone on December 20 with the 1.03 Patch.

Featuring similar graphics and control to the original Battlezone arcade cabinet, players will be able to switch between Classic Mode and the game’s regular campaign in the game’s extras menu.

Alongside this update, some new skin packs will be added to the PlayStation Store, a pack of new custom horns for your tank, and a plethora of new bottleheads, including ones for Judge Dredd and a snowman.

You can read the full patch notes below:

  • Classic Mode now available
  • Field Manual now available
    • Both Classic Mode and Field Manual available via Extras Menu
  • Updated campaign content
  • New maps, missions and events
  • Health crystals in single-player as additional means of restoring health
  • Hints will display upon death
  • HUD colour options added to Settings Menu
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
    • Fixed a bug where hoppers sometimes got stuck in level geometry
    • Reduced projectile-based lag when not hosting in online co-op
    •  Various performance optimizations
    • Added purchasable tank customization options
    • New skins, bobbleheads and horns now available to purchase

You can look at some screenshots and watch the announcement trailer for Classic Mode below. Battlezone is currently available on PlayStation VR.