Battlezone Update Adds Two New Difficulty Levels and More

Battlezone Update Adds Two New Difficulty Levels and More

Rebellion Developments announced today on PlayStation Blog that they have released a new update for their VR game Battlezone.

This update adds two new difficulty levels: a Beginner difficulty for newer players, and an Extreme difficulty for very experienced players. If players are able to beat the game on the Extreme difficulty once, they are rewarded with a trophy and one of three new tank loadouts. Players must beat the mode two more times to get the other loadouts.

The developers have also added new lava-themed maps for the new King of the Hill and Conquest missions. This update introduces a new enemy that has taken to the skies: The Jet. To counter this new enemy, a new weapon called the Railgun was also introduced. When using the Railgun, player charge up the gun before letting out a powerful single shot blast.

To coincide with the new update and the recent announcement of Rouge Trooper Redux, a new Rouge Trooper bobble head for the game is coming to the PlayStation Store.

You can look at some screenshots of the update’s content below. Battlezone is currently available on PlayStation VR.