Bayonetta Creators Poke Fun at Cancellation Rumors

on May 1, 2012 9:30 PM

Yesterday it was rumored that the sequel to Bayonetta had gotten canned by publisher Sega, supposedly as a part of its ongoing internal restructuring. Since then the Twitter page of lead designer Hideki Kamiya has exploded with questions about this supposed new development. Kamiya-san has issued several tweets addressing concerned fans, but two of them made a bigger impact than the others.

The first basically points out how silly it is to be getting all worked up about the supposed cancellation of a game that was never revealed or even confirmed. The second tweet, however, tells fans to keep an eye on next week’s game magazines. That second tweet is right in line with the bluffs Kamiya-san has been telling for quite some time about the Bayonetta sequel, so I wouldn’t take it at face value. 

For whatever reason, the man gets a kick out of getting fans worked up for nothing, so I’m guessing he’s just back up to his old tricks. Producer Atsushi Inaba also weighed in on the rumor by tweeting an obviously fake ‘promo image’ for Bayonetta 2. This image, which can be seen in full below, was later retweeted by Kamiya. I’m not entirely sure what to make of all this, but one thing I don’t think it will result in is an actual reveal or confirmation of a Bayonetta sequel.

That said, the fact that these guys are even addressing the rumor makes me feel oddly more confident that we’ll see more of the weaved witch one day.

Bayonetta Creators Poke Fun at Cancellation Rumors

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