Bayonetta Will Be Back…If We Believe?

By Kenneth Richardson

September 27, 2010

We recently informed you that legendary game creator Hideki Kamiya, and director of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta, said of the hair wielding witch that, quote “She’ll be back if you believe so”.Given the history of games like this, it was  very inspiring to learn that a Bayonetta sequel is even possible.

But looking more closely at his statement, what exactly does it mean? Bayonetta was released in January of this year, and since that time the game has made waves critically, currently standing as one of Metacritic’s highest rated games of 2010.

Reversely, the game did not make commercial waves. According to Vgchartz, the game has sold about one and a half million copies since its January release. While this initially sounds pretty good, you can’t help but compare it to other games that have recently released to much, much more success and in a fraction of the time.

Take Pokémon Black/White’s two and a half million copies in two days, or Halo: Reach’s more than four million copies in just a week. It’s a little depressing when first day sale out perform a game that’s been on the market for 3/4ths of a year. It’s even more sad when that game is as good as Bayonetta.

Sure both of those examples have the ever-powerful franchise advantage backing them, but this only worsens things because it means less people were even willing to take a bet on Bayo. But alas, it seems you can only claim both critical and commercial success if your game is some kind of shooter.

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How does this tie to Kamiya’s comment? Well, taking what he said out of context, it seems like a kind of hidden address to the game’s success. Maybe when he says “if we believe” he means if we buy. Think about it. The best way to show that you believe in something is to support it. I believe in Bayonetta, I bought it.

Considering the game’s comparatively lackluster sales, he was probably telling the questioner that we’ll see a Bayonetta sequel if more people buy it. Yes, I know it seems like quite a stretch, but that’s how games work right? Sell X amount of copies and you get another game?

I could be wrong though. Also according to Vgchartz, the last Dynasty Warriors game to clear one million copies was Dynasty Warriors 3 for the PS2. However, there have been more than eight iterations in that series since that time. Another factor: Vanquish will end SEGA and Platinum Games’ contract.

If I remember correctly, it was to span four games, which would be MadWorld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta, and Vanquish which launches next month. This is particular since SEGA owns Bayonetta, but Hideki Kamiya is the one who has released this tidbit of information, not SEGA.

Perhaps this means that between SEGA and P* Games everyone wants the same team to handle a sequel, and that would mean new arrangements between the two, even if only for this one game. I mean, I’ve heard that more than one million sales is actually pretty good for a new IP and if that’s truly the case, why wouldn’t they want to make a franchise of Bayo?

Only time will tell. There is one more possibility that requires much less reading into and contemplation than I’ve put into this bit. Maybe a Bayonetta sequel is already confirmed and Kamiya is just playing coy. Maybe his comment was simply intended to riddle the fans and onlookers and make us instigate hype and buzz for the yet unannounced game.

If that’s the case, it has clearly had the desired effect on me. If that is not the case though, and let us all pray diligently each night that it is, the statement is not very comforting. I also “believe” that the American arcade scene will make a comeback, but that has yet to pass. It’s almost like a writing-off. Hell will freeze over if you “believe” it will.

I wish that there was some way I could speak to Kamiya and tell him that I believed.  Either way, I leave you all feeling confident that we’ll someday see a sequel to Bayonetta, and that is something that, just a few hours into the game, I never thought would happen. So, I believe that Bayonetta will be back. Does anyone else?

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