BeamNG's CryEngine 3 Physics Will Blow Your Mind

June 24, 2012

The folks over at BeamNG are teasing us with a few screenshots of the collision physics that will be a part of CryEngine 3. Last month they released a video showing off some of the soft body physics they had been working on, and now we’re seeing shots of some more collisions with promises of another video coming soon. The video should be ready in about two weeks but for now we can enjoy the screenshots.

CryEngine 3 can calculate physics at a stunning 100 FPS and the damage looks real and immersive. With teasers like this I can’t wait until someone makes a destruction derby game using the engine, but physics like this will certainly have their place in just about every next generation game. Take a deep breath and gaze into the future. I’ve also included last month’s trailer if you missed it.



Miranda Quillen

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