Even After Failed Kickstarter Colorful Platformer Beard Blade Still in Development

Even After Failed Kickstarter Colorful Platformer Beard Blade Still in Development

Developer Glovebox Games took to their Tumblr account to discuss the future of their game, Beard Blade. The retro inspired platformer held a Kickstarter campaign last October and unfortunately they were unable to reach their $95,000 USD goal. Since then, the devs have been pretty quiet on the progress of the game but luckily they resurfaced to confirm that the game is still in the works.

For those unfamiliar with the game, we covered it while the campaign was still happening. But for the best kind of summation of what Beard Blade is all about, it’s best to let the creators explain themselves:

“[The game] is an action-packed 2D platformer for PC and Mac inspired by 16-bit legends! Play as the gallant Branson a.k.a. “Beard Blade” as he strives to reclaim the town’s stolen goods and uncover the truth behind a dark secret. His weapon of choice? An enchanted beard teeming with powerful magic that allows him to shape-shift his stubble to overcome hairy situations. The enemies are tough, but so is your scruff!”

The dev blog update is a FAQ with Glovebox that answers a few fan questions and explains the progress of the game’s development. The team are aiming for an ‘Early 2018’ release on PC, much like in the Kickstarter. They are hoping to keep the price around $10 to $15 USD.

Due to the inability to raise more money through the campaign, certain aspects of the project will be removed or scaled down. The details of this cut content were not given but the team said they had made ‘good progress in the past several months’.

The possibility of console versions and a Switch port were also covered but only to say that Glovebox had no current plans for that at the moment. However, it sounds like the team are Nintendo fans since they would ‘love, LOVE to have Beard Blade on a Nintendo console’. They did go onto say that ‘[o]ther consoles are a possibility’ but they are just working on completing the PC version.

It’s nice to hear about projects that continue to live on regardless of crowdfunding setbacks. The devs even say that they want to continue to reach out to their community on Tumblr and Twitter with more posts with small pieces of progress like gifs. They also have another FAQ post planned with more answers for your questions. I’m still hoping that Glovebox are able to take their stubble and grow it into a magnificent mane. But only time will tell how full it gets.