Beat Saber is Coming as a Launch Title to Oculus Quest

Beat Saber is Coming as a Launch Title to Oculus Quest

The popular VR title Beat Saber has been confirmed be coming to Oculus Quest as a launch title for the headset's release later this year.

While virtual reality continues to be a developing technology in the world of gaming, few titles have been considered “killer apps” for VR as much as Beat Saber, and now the wildly popular rhythm game is confirmed to be coming to the next line of Oculus VR hardware right on the first day of release.

In an update, Oculus announced that Beat Saber will be available as a launch title for the upcoming Oculus Quest headset when it debuts later this year.

Much like the game’s previous releases on PS VR and on PC VR platforms, the main benefit of Beat Saber‘s upcoming release on Oculus Quest will be that players can now fine tune their rhythm-enhanced gameplay free from the constraints of cables, allowing you the chance to really become a beat master any time, anywhere.

The Oculus Quest will be debuting this spring, and given the success and praise that Beat Saber has collected since it debuted last year, it’s no surprise that Oculus would want to grab the title as a headlining app to debut alongside its next generation of hardware. With the game having collected over a million sales since its release, it’s already been a resounding success as far as VR titles are concerned, and its upcoming release on Oculus Quest will surely give a new generation of headset owners a chance to try out one of the best VR titles around.

Beat Saber is currently available on PS4 and PC. For a closer look at the Beat Saber experience on Oculus Quest, you can check out the new trailer below: