Beat Saber Continues to Look Amazing in New Gameplay Footage

Beat Saber Continues to Look Amazing in New Gameplay Footage

Hyperbolic Games' VR-based rhythm game Beat Saber keeps up its high energy in the extended gameplay trailer, showing new mechanics and music.

There is little if any doubt that Beat Saber‘s first teaser was action packed — perfectly merging dubstep, rhythm games, and lightsabers, it is little wonder that the game looks so addictive. But almost any trailer can look amazing when it is limited to 30 seconds. Is it indicative of how the whole game will play?

Thankfully, Czech-based developer Hyperbolic Games is leaving no doubt to the imagination. Earlier today, Beat Saber partnered with LIV (a company specializing in making cinematic trailers for VR games) to push a brand new trailer that looks awesome. Showing a player within the world of Beat Saber, we see a mix of some familiar elements and entirely new ones.

Much like the original 30-second trailer, the main gameplay element is slashing at directional blocks as they fly towards you. However, there is a movement-based component showcased in the new trailer. Giant neon pillars or rows of light occasional come towards you, and the players has to expertly dodge — all the while, keeping her eye on whatever blocks are still coming.

Besides that, little else is known about the project. We’ve been told that Beat Saber will be coming to both PC and PS4 sometime in April 2018, but don’t yet have a full launch date. Regardless, check out the brand new gameplay footage below: