Beat Saber is Finally Launching on PlayStation VR Later this Month

Beat Saber is Finally Launching on PlayStation VR Later this Month

Finally. Now I can live out my Jedi musical career dreams.

Beat Games has finally announced a release date for the PlayStation VR version of Beat Saber. The lightsaber rhythm game is launching on November 20. The news comes from a new all-to-brief Beat Saber trailer announcing the imminent release.

The PlayStation Blog posted a bunch of new details about the game as well. The PS VR version of Beat Saber includes exclusive content just for patient PlayStation players. There will be five new exclusive tracks alongside the game’s original beats. A “challenging campaign” has been made just for PS VR that lets players improve their skills. Global leaderboards let players show their skills off against one another. There will also be plenty of modifiers and “epic sabers” to unlock. There will also be a practice mode that allows players to slow the game down or play from specific parts in a song.

Beat Saber also has a party mode where “everyone can join and start playing in seconds.” I am very curious how that will pan out, as you’ll have to swap the VR headset back and forth. There is also a One Saber mode that has players using, you guessed it, one saber to slash the blocks in time with the beat. A No Arrow Mode will allow players to slice and dice the blocks in a direction of their choosing, which may make the game easier for new players.

The developer, Beat Games, also announced DLC plans for the game. Shortly after launch, an expansion pack with 10 songs will be released. The price is unknown at this time, as well as the track list. Beat Games promises different genres of music and artists though.

Beat Saber‘s price on PS VR is also currently unknown The game costs $19.99 on Steam, so it should be around that price.