Beautiful Aurora Borealis PS4 Dynamic Theme Teased by Truant Pixel

Beautiful Aurora Borealis PS4 Dynamic Theme Teased by Truant Pixel

Truant Pixel is probably the best PS4 dynamic theme creator out there at the moment, not only due to the fact that their themes are really dynamic, but also because there’s no cheating with badly encoded videos plastered on the screen. The themes are fully 3D and running in real time.

Today the prolific indie development team released a teaser video of a new work-in-progress theme titled Aurora Borealis, featuring the northern lights.

“A sneak peak at our newest theme, featuring the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis. We’ve taken special care to create something truly dynamic here, with dramatic shifts in perspective when going from the content screen to the function screen.

I’ve taken care to depict the Northern Lights both from the planet surface and from space. The International Space Station is also represented, orbiting the planet slowly as the theme plays.

Each camera shifts very gradually, so this theme will befit owners of plasmas desiring a dark theme without fear of image retention issues. As usual, ALL elements of this theme are 3D. No video has been utilized.

Music and sound effects are placeholder (from our Azure Earth theme) and will change completely prior to release.”

But without further ado, I leave you with the video.