Beautiful Desolation Comes to Kickstarter

Beautiful Desolation Comes to Kickstarter

The Brotherhood has begun crowdfunding its next title, Beautiful Desolation, on Kickstarter.

The Brotherhood, developer of point-and-clicker Stasis, has launched the Kickstarter campaign for its next title: the post-apocalyptic, isometric adventure game, Beautiful Desolation.

Designed in an 80s retro style, Beautiful Desolation takes place in an unspecified African setting, and showcases landscapes captured using photogrammetry and scale models.

This sci-fi adventure promises various strange creatures, characters, and environments that are as intriguing to explore as they are beautiful.

According to the game’s description, a “tragic incident tears apart a brotherly bond but is also the catalyst for an epic adventure.”

“1980 saw the Penrose appear without warning. One day the sky was empty, and the next it was filled by an impossibly shaped monolith. The Penrose technology hurtled mankind forward, but a catastrophic event meant that desolation would ensue…

“Allow the Leslie family’s story to unfold as you delve into a unique adventure with BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION, to explore this futuristic wasteland to discover villages, destroyed cities, and uncover the secrets of strange and abandoned technology.”

The Brotherhood is looking to raise $120,000.00 in order to meet its Kickstarter goals.