Beautiful inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Show Lighting, Wetness, No Downgrades From E3 Build

Beautiful inFAMOUS: Second Son Screenshots Show Lighting, Wetness, No Downgrades From E3 Build

We’re three days away from the worldwide release of inFAMOUS: Second Son and the folks over at NeoGaf churned out another batch of absolutely lovely screenshots, that also happen to be spoiler-free, so you can check them out without any danger of ruining the surprises coming with the game.

First of all, you can check out some posted by user nbnt, that not only are beautiful, but they’re also taken directly with a video capture card and saved in lossless PNG, meaning that they have no compression whatsoever. What you see here is exactly what you’ll get on your screen.


Following, another batch of screenshots courtesy of users Magicman103 and Shikari, that involve a little bit of compression, but they’re still definitely fantastic.

separatorFinally, since it’s time to put to rest the “upgrade/downgrade” controversy once and for all,  Magicman103 posted a direct feed picture equivalent to this comparison, that you can see below on top of a near-lossless capture from the E3 trailer (retail is above, E3 is below).

inFAMOUS_SecondSon_NoSpoil (3)


And here’s the inevitable animated GIF (click to enlarge and to start the animation)


The version of the trailer the E3 version has been captured from has a 14,277 kbps bitrate downloaded directly from Sony’s press center, ensuring the maximum possible fidelity.

I’d say it’s visible beyond any reasonable doubt that the retail build doesn’t show any downgrade in its quality from the E3 build. As a matter of fact the lighting is visibly more dramatic due to the change from afternoon to evening and the addition of artificial light sources.

As Sucker Punch clearly stated, the changes in lighting seen in this and other instances are simply artistic choices to tweak the mood of the scenes, and now we got a clear confirmation of that.