Bebop and Tempo Accepted through Steam Greenlight: Hope to Keep the Beat on Kickstarter

Bebop and Tempo Accepted through Steam Greenlight: Hope to Keep the Beat on Kickstarter

Bebop and Tempo is one of those titles that can be easy to look over at first glance. It’s another platformer with retro inspired graphics and characters that scream ’90s gaming mascots’. However, developer Brandon Dominguez has soldiered on with his passion project and the results feel more authentic than a lot of the hollow indie offerings out there. The audience at Steam Greenlight agrees as the game will be published on that platform.

The project is also wrapping up a close Kickstarter campaign. With less than a week to go, over 80% of the goal has been raised. The desired total is a modest $1000 USD. As Brandon explains in the FAQ section:

In the game you control Bebop and Tempo as you run, jump, and sprint through various levels. These stages will be short but incredibly challenging, capturing the punishing old-school difficulty. Each character has their own unique skill: the Angry Birds-esque Bebop can dash through enemies whereas the Slowpoke-like Tempo can jump higher and stomp down when needed.

The game will also feature these elements:

  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Over 50 levels of arcade platforming
  • Explore and unlock four unique areas
  • A complete original 8-bit soundtrack, composed by Jed Crouch
  • 2 player Local VS Mode with unique battle levels
  • Endless Arcade Mode
  • USB gamepad support, including the Xbox One controller

While some might be turned off by the pixel graphics (which admittedly can be a little rough around the edges), I find them charming and appropriate for the style and homage the game is aiming for. And the gameplay seems quite fluid and unforgiving in a Super Meat Boy just-one-more-try type of way.

The Kickstarter for Bebop and Tempo ends on April 29th if you want to back the project. If the campaign is successful, the game has a tentative ‘July 2017’ release date for PC on Steam. Brandon also hopes to bring the game to Xbox One if he gets enough interest.

You can watch the pitch video below: