Because We Are Loved, A Heap of New Skyrim Details

Because We Are Loved, A Heap of New Skyrim Details


I don’t think anybody is more excited about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim than I am. Well…perhaps readers of the Dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited are. They got an absolute truckload of new details on the game, including pertinent tidbits such as the level cap, the main quest length and even the game’s art style. Check out a few standout pieces below:

“You can read in-game books in 3-D.”

“The Dark Brotherhood is back.”

“More traps and puzzles.”

“You can use fast travel to revisit places you have visited earlier.”

“Five big cities and more than 130 dungeons.”

If that doesn’t get you in the mood, the source has even more details and a short interview with Bethesda Designer Todd Howard, who talks about Kinect support, facial animations (editor Chad Awkerman called Oblivion‘s models “Fugly”) and further confirms that the PC version is the best of the three. The Elder Scrolls V launches on November 11th. I may have got that date tattooed onto my palm. Hit the break for more of the details.

[Bethsoft Forums]

“There is no level cap. You will nevertheless not be able to choose all perks with one character.”

“Technically speaking, Skyrim is an evolution within The Elder Scrolls, and not a revolution (but everything looks fabulous). The magic of the world that Bethesda has created is nevertheless unequivocally present.”

“All weapons have different properties, which you can take advantage of by choosing the right perks. Maces ignore a percentage of armor, and axes have bleed damage over time.

“Skyrim is approximately as big as Oblivion.”

“Low-Fantasy” (Meaning the game does not look as vibrant, vivid and weird as Morrowind did, more like Oblivion) -> “Oblivion was for sure not over-the-top in terms of its style, but Skyrim should be considered low fantasy even more than its predecessor. Much of the locations look realistic, and could easily exist in our own world.”

“Main Story is approximately 20 hours. Hundreds of hours for other quests.”