Capybara Games’ Below Comes to PS4, Adds New Explore Mode

Capybara Games’ Below Comes to PS4, Adds New Explore Mode

Below is a brutally-tough roguelike that was previously exclusive to PC and Xbox One. Now, the game is coming to PS4 with an easier new explore mode.

Capybara Games’ Below originally launched on PC and Xbox One. The tough-as-nails roguelike was met with mixed reviews critically; however, there was a lot there to admire. The sound and visual design, in particular, was especially striking. And now, more players will be able to get their hands on the game as it’s coming to PS4 this spring. Give the new announcement trailer a watch below.

While bringing Below to PS4 is news on its own, Capybara is using the new release to also drop a brand new mode for the game. Explore mode eases the difficulty quite a bit to make the game more accessible.  The new mode takes hunger and thirst out of the equation. It also throws insta-kills out of the window and all damage will now tick down over time. Meaning you’ll always have a chance to recover your health before you bleed out. The final big addition is the new permanent bonfire checkpoints. These let you carry on from a checkpoint after death, making exploration into the deepest depths much easier.

Of course, anyone who wants to play Below in its original form can load up Survive mode. This is the game as it was originally designed, providing a tough challenge for any player. Either way you decide to play, it’s great to see Below coming to more platforms. Hopefully, the new updates will bring new players in and let them experience the best parts of the game without the frustrating difficulty.

Below is available now on PC and Xbox One. It will come to PS4 later this spring.