Ben Heck Merges an Xbox 360 With a CD Carousel For Maximum Laziness

Problem: You’re playing a game, comfortable on your couch / bed. Snacks are at hand, beer at the ready. You’re sick of the current game, or perhaps playing L.A. Noire and it’s time to change the disc, but it’s WAAAAAAAY over there.

Modder extraordinaire  Ben Heck has come up with a solution to this dilemma; combine the disc drive of the Xbox 360 with a Multiple CD Changer / Carousel. The latest video of The Ben Heck Show takes us behind the scenes from concept to (near) final product, check that out after the break and be jealous of Ben Heck’s skills once again.

New Problem: Out of beer, fridge is all the way over there…

[via Engadget]

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