Bendy and the Ink Machine Gets New Animated Short to Ring in the Holidays

Bendy and the Ink Machine Gets New Animated Short to Ring in the Holidays

Bendy and the Ink Machine, as well as developer theMeatly, are spreading some holiday cheer with a new Christmas animation from Joey Drew Studios.

Are you lost down the fandom that is Bendy and the Ink Machine? Well your holiday wish has probably been answered! A brand new animation from “Joey Drew Studios” has been released in celebration of Christmas, showcasing some of the series favorites.

Much like Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, developer theMeatly’s Bendy and the Ink Machine flirts with old school animations — especially the promotional videos which are flat out retro-styled cartoons. This holiday one, titled Cookie Cookin, is fairly wholesome (despite the otherwise horrifying source material).

In the animation, seen below, you series mascot (and hell-spawn) Bendy making some cookies, using his face as an ad hoc rolling pin. After cutting out the gingerbread man, the cookie springs to life sharing a quick wave with the audience. Bendy pops the now-sentient cookie into the oven… only for him to disappear. Out of frame, we see the Goofy-like Boris somehow eating the cookie, much to Bendy’s disappointment.

These shorts are always pleasantly asynchronous with the source material of Bendy and the Ink Machine. While the characters are cute and Disney-esque (though perhaps more similar to Max Fleischer’s Bimbo), the game is a survival horror game where you return to your previous workplace–Joey Drew Studios–to find out how the once famous cartoonist faced his downfall. The result is a nightmarish descent into ink and hellbent cartoons looking to drag you down with them.

If you haven’t gotten lost in the fandom that is Bendy and the Ink Machine, the game has been available on Steam for some time. The game has since launched  (with all the episodes included) on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Not many physical copies of the game exist, but if you are a physical junkie you can grab the game on GameStop. Meanwhile, check out the animation below:

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