Bernie Sanders Modded into Multiple Games, Including Resident Evil 7 and Skyrim

A herd of Bernies is something you never thought you'd see.

February 1, 2021

During this year’s inauguration that saw Joe Biden sworn in as President of the United State of America and Kamala Harris as Vice President, loads of memes were born from various moments. One of those was of Bernie Sanders, a United States Senator, who turned up to the inauguration in fairly casual clothing, a mask, and mittens. And now he’s being modded into video games, because why not?

Content creator ToastedShoes has downloaded a bunch of these mods and put them together in a new video that you can watch below. The 3D model of Bernie has been created by Joe Mashups and turned into game-specific mods by numerous modders of whom are credited in the description of the video.

The video is a fun watch, and shows Bernie as a sith in Star Wars Battlefront 2, while sitting in the chair from the inauguration. There’s a herd of Bernies in Fallout 4, both big and small, and who actually attack the player.

Another shows a family of Bernies from Resident Evil 7, with a body model that seems to have significantly less chair. Well, at least until Bernie starts scooting along the hallways in his chair hellbent on killing the player. Other games include Skyrim, but with every character as Bernie, Dark Souls, and Devil May Cry 5. Another video, although separate from the above, found Bernie modded into Soulcalibur VI.

Bernie isn’t the only one to get the meme treatment. Earlier this month a video of Joe Biden was given a video game makeover by adding the Skyrim UI to a clip from the inauguration’s evening ceremony. As always, you can rely on the internet to turn memes into video game content of some sort. As for the meme of Bernie himself, he turned the meme into a design on a sweatshirt and sold it, with all proceeds being donated to Vermont’s Meals on Wheels charity.

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